What Would You Do More Of? 

The idea was doomed from the start. In a well-intentioned attempt at physical fitness, I agreed to play racquetball with my son, Tim, during my lunch break. Though I love the sport, it (apparently) no longer loves me. Tim and I discussed the fact that he is about half my age. We agreed we’d both “take it easy” and play “just a little bit.” Five weeks afterward, my throbbing back still reminded me I shouldn’t have even attempted playing “just a game or[...] 

Argument with God 

Sometimes the Word of God really messes with your life.  Have you noticed?

The other morning, I prayed on the train in to Chicago that God would specifically direct me to someone who needed some encouragement, or something of Jesus Himself.   Know what happened?  Nothing.  Nothing that morning.   In fact, nothing out of the ordinary happened all day long. 

That afternoon, as I walked the 1.5 miles back to the train, I reviewed some m[...] 

Sting Job 

I can still feel the burning sensation of the stinger, jabbed into my flesh. But honestly the fault was mine.  

At one of the grandest camping places in the country (kings-camp.org) our old pop-up                                               &nbs[...] 

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