A Weed Intervention 

Deep inside, I covet having a perfect lawn. No bald spots...no weeds. Just lush greenness. But I just don't work hard enough on the weeds. My wife does most of the weeding at our place.

Recently, I observed an outbreak of weeds in our hostas. Unable to resist a pun, I called it a “hosta” situation. In a rare moment, I took the bold step of a weed in[...] 

Bored With Our Blessings 

How do you celebrate a two-year-olds’ birthday?

For our family—with a grandson who loves trains—that meant a meal at Two Toots Restaurant.   The big draw at this unusual eatery is a model train that runs throughout the place. On the tracks, a locomotive pulls eight flatbed cars, each fitted with a basket that actually hauls your meal right to your booth.

So there’s Caleb watching this train hauling burgers and fries. Every single time that[...] 

New Old Hero 

Heroes rarely get the press they deserve.  At least not in this life.

Take Samuel Whittemore, for example.

I'd never even heard of the man until I learned that he was one of the men most admired by a friend that I admire.

Samuel Whittemore was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1696.  A farmer by trade, he was a patriot at heart. At the age of 78, Whittemore became the oldest known combatant in the War of Independence.   Here's how [...] 

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