Dying--The Art of Reading 

People who read are a dying breed.  

Fact is, if you read much of anything, you are in a distinct minority in America....just because you read.
One in four Americans didn't read even one book last year.  More than 50% of today's teens never read for pleasure.
According to a 2012 study by the National Endowment for the Arts, the number of Americans reading fiction has fallen to 44%--down from 50% only four years ago. Ju[...] 

Praying to the Real God 

Have you met my crazy friend, Jack?  Rides in lots of taxis.  Has a passion for witnessing to Muslims.  He told me about his latest encounter.
Jack was in downtown Chicago last week and hopped into a cab driven by a Somalian named Ahmed.  At first the conversation was lighthearted.  Ahmed (not his real name) asked Jack if he had traveled to Africa, which Jack has done, and this seemed to impress Ahmed. 
The two of them ta[...] 

Taking Down Towers 

For the past week, I've held the equivalent of skybox tickets for a demolition project one block away.  Better than a Nik Wallenda tightrope walk, these high-act daredevils are disassembling a water tower said to be a century old.
 The tricky part is the water tower juts up into a dense residential neighborhood.  Trickier yet, the thing is more than one hundred feet tall, so you can't just stick an explosive at the base of the tower and let it crumb[...] 

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