It Happened in a Cave 

They needed a place to hide.  And fast.

Hearts heaving, horses foaming with sweat, Jesse and his friends dove deep into the cave—along with their loot from the a heist.  For three days a posse hunted these hidden fugitives throughout the cave's many tunnels... unsuccessfully. 

Having just visited Meremac Cavern, in Stanton, Missouri, [...] 

Overwhelming Insects! 

Now that summer is upon us, it's best we made peace with the insects around us.   Why, you ask?  Because....well...resistance is futile.  I was reminded of this when reading Anne Rooney’s book, You Wouldn’t Want to Live without Insects.  In it, she offers insect insight. 

Across our glob[...] 

More than the Biltmore 

It’s the largest home in America. Can you name it?  It’s Asheville’s Biltmore estate.

When railroad and shipping magnate George Vanderbilt first visited Asheville in 1888, he fell in love with the place and promptly amassed land to construct his sprawling residence.  Forget acres.  The Biltmore sits on nearly 11 square miles!     [...] 

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