Chasing Wonder 

If I twist my neck hard enough, I can see the disappearing shores of Lake Michigan out the window of our aircraft.  Frankly, I've had to discipline myself to take in the view.  That's right; force myself to gaze down on the majesty of a spring morning from 20,000 feet.

Bombastic clouds throw mottled patterns on the landscape below.  The green of the young season is so intense as to appear unnaturally tweaked in Photoshop.  Yet I scarcely notice any of it.[...] 

Has Missions Lost its Mojo? 

Have you ever had a book reach out and grab you?
It happened to me recently in the library at Moody Bible Institute. Walking past shelves of missionary volumes, I was unable to resist their siren call.  I made the mistake of slowing down long enough to pick up a few of the wonderful books reaching out to me.   The covers were mesmerizing: 

  • Amid Artic Snows--A Story of Gospel Pioneers in Iceland
Praying Too Small 

“Honestly, I'd pretty much given up,” said my friend, Jack, boring a hole through me with his intense look. 


“You can't mean that,” I countered.


“I do.  We'd been trying and trying to get together with Bud and his wife for months.”  (Bud is Jack's unsaved friend, whom Jack has been praying for more than 30 years.  Yet Bud still hasn't received Christ).  Jack w[...] 

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