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Root Beer Float Theology  

When we go camping, the Saturday night root beer float is a tradition that approaches the sacred. There's something of heaven in the marriage of ice cream and root beer. And no one comprehends that more than a child. We had four of them that weekend (kids, not root beer floats!).

Throughout our time, we enjoyed ice cream at Culver's, ice cream at McDonald's, and ice cream at the canteen. But the fact that we didn’t have the Saturday night root beer float at the campground was not lost on the grandkids.

Upon reviewing the weekend, their mother asked them how it all went. “Pretty good. But we didn't have root beer floats!" As if we'd ripped them off.

At first, I thought, Those little stinkers! But then I realized…I am one of those stinkers. Maybe you are, too.

We have enjoyed the kindness of Jesus in saving us from our sins. We have experienced the miraculous intervention of God in countless personal crises from which there appeared to be no escape. We have tasted the generosity of our Savior again and again and again. And yet, there’s this “root beer float,” this ONE thing that eludes us.

It's the job we always wanted but didn't get. It's the house we always wanted but never had. It's the girlfriend, the boyfriend, or the—what is it for you?

Too busy counting the little we don’t have, we’ve forgotten the much that we do have: God's favor, forgiveness, and forever love.

Here’s what I’m learning—and I apologize that I’m just a beginner:

I must have Jesus and His smile. And if I have that, I will have everything worth having.

(Read that last sentence again).

(And have a nice day!)


They shall eagerly utter the memory of your abundant goodness and will shout joyfully of your righteousness.

-Psalms 145:7


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