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Living at the Cross  

I saw something unusual the other day at the King's Camp as I played with Ava (7) and Emma (5).

The front wall of “Shelter B," where outdoor church services are held, features a wooden cross. Nothing unusual about that, right? But firmly attached to one side of that cross, we discovered a bird's nest. Round and reedy, the thing perched perfectly on the crossbeam.

Naturally, Ava and Emma urged me to find out if there were any eggs (or babies) inside that nest. But a respectful search revealed nobody was home at the time.

At first, the presence of that nest struck me as quirky, a bit irreverent even. Who builds a nest on a cross? But after further thought, the bird's choice of homes struck me as a visual metaphor for wise believers. 

Living at the cross, the bird and its family enjoyed complete safety. Lashed to that unshakable upright, they would never experience uncertainty or wobbly times.

Likewise, those of us who choose to live at the cross of Christ enjoy uninterruptible peace and safety. But that kind of peace comes only from a lifestyle of living at the cross. You don't get it by merely visiting once a week on Sundays or only when you happen to feel spiritually needy. C.J. Mahaney reminds us, "A cross-centered life is made up of Christ-centered days."

Some will remember the old hymn, "Near the Cross."  But for a sinner like me, that's not enough. I need to live at the cross. Only then can I hope to make it through the wobbly times.


“If anyone wants to come after Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” —Luke 9:23




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