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Help! Sliding off my foundation?  

What is it with some of us guys?

Our eyes can process that there’s a problem—staring us in the face. But our fears keep us from taking action. Example—my garage.

As arctic conditions continue, the utility door (just learned that’s what they call the small one on the side of the garage) is failing to latch.  The tongue doesn't seem to be long enough to catch the strike plate. 

This is not the first time the problem has surfaced.  Not the second, either.  Or the third. (And, um, there's the problem).

At first, I chalked it up to old age. (Not mine!)   See, our unattached garage is sixty-three year old and—believe it or not—has been moved on rollers twice to allow for room additions off the back of the house.

So my solution has been to add washers to the screws that hold the strike plate.  It seems to work for a year or so.  And then the door flops open, welcoming neighborhood rodents and beasts.

The other day I ventured out into single-digit temperatures and added yet another washer.  There are now (drumroll, please) eight of them on each screw.  Ridiculous?  Of course!

Honestly, it's not a conscious effort to ignore the issue or fantasize the problem will somehow go away.  It's more a feeling of "Oh no!  This could be really big/bad/expensive, and I have no idea how I'm going to fix it—or pay someone else to fix it.”  That’s why there are eight washers on a door catch that is still not truly repaired.   

Responding to my wife’s gentle reminder that the problem was not going to fix itself and I really should assess what’s happening, I crunched through the snow and took a good look. Turns out my fears are not ungrounded.  Turns out the front corner of the garage (where the utility door is anchored) is actually sliding outward off the concrete pad.  Lovely.  The problem has dollar signs written all over it.  So I’ve called a friend.  In the springtime, he’ll help me fix it.  He always does.

It’s one thing to ignore that your garage is sliding off its foundation. It’s quite another to ignore that your soul might be sliding off its foundation. Is it?

Is it possible there’s a gap between you and Jesus that persists—and grows—just like the gap in my utility door?  Is it possible you’ve either pretended there isn’t a problem—or just hoped it would go away? It won’t.

Learn from my foolishness! Take an honest look at your spiritual foundation.

Ask God to forgive you and help you address whatever “it” is.

He’ll help you fix it.

He always does.

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

--James 4:8






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