The gray dumpster appears to squat toward you menacingly when the elevator doors whoosh open.  It's definitely industrial sized.  Apparently we’ve needed the capacity, as we have filled it more than once. 

Up there on the 10th floor, the last of us are getting ready to move out of our offices into a new building.  That means stuff has to be sorted, traded and tossed. 

As someone who struggles with near-clinical dumpster diving tendencies,[...] 

Awesome and Wonderful 

Kids and Bible verses.

Put them together and you’re rarely at a loss for smiles.   There’s just something about hearing young voices quote Scripture. 

That’s one reason we’re such huge fans of the Awana program.  Nothing like hiding God’s word in their hearts at a young age.  Truth is, though I still memorize Scripture, it’s a bit harder at my age.  And I must confess, the verses that I can recall the most r[...] 

If the World Hates You 

Imagine being a little girl in in a Jewish family in the thick of World War Two.  An impatient knock on the door refuses to go away.  But you do.  Because you know who it is.  You’ve [...] 

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