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Distracted by Jesus  

Imagine a fragrance with the hypnotic power of ocean waves or the delicate dance of a candle flame. That's the perfume Diana spritzes every morning. The scent floats through our home and totally distracts me from whatever I'm doing. I immediately track Diana down for a kiss!

It's one thing to be distracted by your spouse, but it's another to be distracted by Jesus. How often does that happen to you?

What I mean is, as you’re reading the Word—or praying to the Living Word—does He turn your head? Does Jesus occupy your thoughts? Are you fascinated with Him? In short, are you distracted by Jesus?

Notice, I'm not asking if you "have devotions" or read the Bible daily. I'm asking something deeper. Here are three "Checks" you can use as a self-inventory.

Check #1. Am I regular in my time with Jesus? Is He a first-thing-in-the-morning priority for me? Am I with Him every day? Have friends and family "caught" me in my time with Christ?

Check #2. Am I real in my time with Jesus? Am I honest with Him about my fears and failures? Do I readily confess sin—or do I hide behind a plastic piety, with prayers that sound almost identical to yesterday’s and the day before? (Ouch! I’m guilty!).

Check #3. Am I relaxed in my time with Jesus? Do I reserve a generous chunk of time to be with Him? And am I willing to extend that if the Savior beckons?

I know. You're busy. So was Martha. But Jesus told her, "There is only one thing necessary." That one thing necessary is unhurried time with the Savior.

It's what you and I need most. But beware. Busyness is seduction, and overcommitment is a temptress.

Does Jesus distract you?


Teach me the want of the one thing necessary—unhurried time with you.





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